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Could an under-the-radar purveyor of the soul food of Hiroshima backstreets survive a makeover? [日本語]

Back in 2014, in the second issue of the GetHiroshima Mag, Goto Izumi introduced an unsuspecting GetHiroshima audience to the wonders of dengaku noodles and horumon (offal) tempura.

On hearing rumors that the eatery featured in the article, Fukumoto Shokudo [福本食堂] in Fukushima-cho, had closed its doors, Goto Izumi was understandably distraught at the thought of such a devastating blow to local food culture and sprang into action. She was initially relieved to learn that Fukumoto was only closed temporarily, for renovations. It was then, however, replaced by a fear that a new, spick and span Fukumoto would be unable to retain its original charm. It turns out she needn’t have worried. It does, after all, specialize in deep fried innards and mystery meat noodle dishes and was hardly going to be vying to become one of Hiroshima’s Michelin starred restaurants.

For the low down on dengaku and a step by step guide to ordering we urge you to check out Goto Izumi’s original article here. Thus prepared, here is Fukumoto Shokudo revisited.

Let’s start with the outside which has been given a cherry new coat of paint and a new signboard. Nice to see the original illuminated sign (top right) has been preserved.




Inside, the cutting board at the self service chop-your-own horumon tempura area has been replaced by a shabby chic cutting counter.




The interior as a whole has been redone. The floral tablecloths are gone and there are shiny new floors and furnishings. It’s a shame to see the puddle go, but encouraging that customers still feel comfortable enough to lie in the booths.




The menu has also been reprinted.

  • Dengaku ¥450
  • Dengaku extra large ¥650
  • Udon ¥450
  • Soumen ¥450
  • Dengaku-udon ¥500
  • Dengaku-soumen ¥500
  • Dengaku with extra noodles ¥550
  • Dengaku extra large with extra noodles ¥700
  • Tenpura ¥100 a piece
  • Oden ¥100 a piece

Although it may now look kind of like any other suburban cafe, there have been compromises when it comes to fare dengaku on sale. Still 100% authentic and still puts fear into the heart of vegetarians.


And, don’t forget to grab some senjigara dried pork, beef or horse meat; The perfect accompaniment to a nice cold beer.


  • Although there are tempura vegetables and rice on the menu, this is no place for vegetarians.
  • If you want a soft drink, you’ll be told to go buy one from the vending machine outside.
  • There is no English menu and it goes without saying that the staff don’t speak English.
  • Opening hours are 10:00-17:30. Fukumoto is not open at night.

Address: Fukumoto Shokudo 1-20-8 Ogawa-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Address in Japanese: ふくもと食堂 広島市西区小河内町1-20-8
Tel: 082-232-7080

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