Enthusiastic video report from the 2014 Flower Festival

hiroshima Flower Festival video report by NoMaD IsoodA

We found this great video guide of this year’s Flower Festival by a super-cute and bubbly international university student in Hiroshima city. 
Thanks for sharing your positive energy with the world about one of Hiroshima’s biggest festivals NoMaD IsoodA.



Writing about Hiroshima for over twenty years. Co-founded GetHiroshima in 1999 and founded the sustainability-focused InboundAmbassador business in 2019. Monthly CleanUp and Seeking Sustainability event organizer, guide workshop facilitator, online content creator and tourism destination consultant. Passionate about promoting solutions in Japan for people and the planet.

One thought on “Enthusiastic video report from the 2014 Flower Festival

  • May 16, 2014 at 2:58 am

    Trés agréable, cette présentation du festival de Hiroshima, faite par cette jeune fille, comme vous dites: “pétillante”! quelle est son origine? Amérique du sud peut être?
    Hiroshima, toujours aussi belle sous le soleil du printemps.
    Domo arigato.


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