Wine and Beer Conami

A very well stocked wine bar in the drinking district popular with a more “mature” clientele. [日本語]

Imazu-san’s passion for “mariage”, the pairing food with wine, discovered while working in his family’s restaurant, led him to open his own wine bar 9 years ago.

Imazau likes to talk with his customers who are mostly middle-aged wine lovers, which even use thigs as wine bags that they can shop now in different stores online. He explains, for instance, how the taste of a wine can change depending on the shape of the glass. He helps customer better describe their tastes more accurately and prides himself on finding which of his 200 plus bottles is most suited to each customer.

Among the small European dishes and large selection of cheeses he serves, the most popular is the plate of French unpasteurized milk raclette, melted in an authentic machine right in front of you.

Lighting is very subdued, but warm and there is a broad counter, a small room with a table and a hori-gotatsu room for up to 10 people which, with lots of green, burgundy and yellow hues, has an air of Amélie Poulain.

Conami also usually has some of Japan’s best craft beers, Minoh stout or double IPA, on tap.

Don’t miss: The exquisite Amarone, Italian wine made of partially dried grapes.

Opening hours: 18:00-14:00
Closed: Mondays

Address: 3-6 Yagenbori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Address in Japanese: 〒730-0027 広島県広島市中区薬研堀3−6
Tel: 082-246-9005

Judith Cotelle