O-dashi-no-kaori [おだしの香り] is a smoke free lunch place that specializes in dashi o-chazuke (rice with one of various toppings over which you pour dashi soup stock) .

It is bright and relaxing place with minimalistic decor, white white walls, wooden furniture and design lightings, large windows and a tall pachira plant.

They offer 6 different toppings:

  • Grilled onigiri rice ball
  • Anago conger eel and omelet strips
  • Pickled salmon
  • Shrimp, clam, and fish cake
  • Salmon flakes with Hiroshima Hiroshima-na greens
  • Fish cake with Hiroshima Hiroshima-na greens
  • Ikura Cod roe with Hiroshima Hiroshima-na greens

You can buy just the bowl (¥520~¥700) or the set lunch which includes 2 small side dishes and Japanese pickles (¥700-¥900). My o-chazuke came with a seaweed salad and some juicy chicken the first time and octopus potato salad and hamburger steak on my second visit.

It is recommended that you start by tucking into your rice bowl as is and add the dashi stock when you are about halfway done.

Pay and order by buying a ticket from the vending machine on the right as you enter.

It’s really healthy and refreshing and, though it may seem like quite a light lunch, it keeps me full until dinner.

Opening hours: 11:30 until sold out
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays

Address: 2F Floor-N Bldg, 8-1 Hatchobori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Tel: 082-222-5505

Judith Cotelle