New coronavirus cases in Hiroshima and Shimane, April 25

2 more cases coronavirus have been confirmed in Hiroshima Prefecture and the first case in Izumo in Shimane Prefecture has been detected, it was announces yesterday.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus (as of 11 pm April 25) in Hiroshima Prefecture is now 146 and 218 across the 5 prefectures of the Chugoku Region.

Coronavirus cases in Chugoku Region as of April 25, 2020
Hiroshima Yamaguchi Okayama Shimane Tottori
146 31 21 17 3
+2 +0 +0 +1 +0
2 deaths        


Saeki-ku cluster now at 55 coronavirus cases

Hiroshima City announced that another resident of the Kenshinen residential facility for people with learning disabilities in Saeki-ku tested positive for coronavirus on April 24. The man in his 20s had tested negative on April 14 and 15, but was retested after developing a fever on April 23. This cluster now stands at 55 people, a considerable percentage of the 71 confirmed cases in Hiroshima City.


New case in Fukuyama

A woman how works with a City Water Department employee who tested positive on April 17. The woman tested positive on April 25 after developing a fever on April 23. There are now 22 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Fukuyama City, including 3 at the City Water Department.


Relief after latest round of contact tracing

It has been announced that all the people who had had close contact with 3 people who work at the same company in Yano in Hiroshima City have now been tested and no further cases have been discovered.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


Matsue bar cluster grows to 16

An Izumo (Shimane Prefecture) man in his 30s has tested positive for coronavirus, it was announced last night. The man is reported to have had close contact with several people connected to bar BUZZ in Matsue who have tested positive. The man initially tested negative on April 10, but was retested after he lost his sense of taste and smell on April 24.

Staff and customers of the bar that have tested positive for coronavirus now total 13 and there are 3 more cases of family members and housemates connected to the cluster.
Source: Chugoku Shinbun


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