Local restrictions to continue in Hiroshima after end of COVID-19 S.O.E.

The COVID-19 state of emergency come to an end tomorrow, September 30. However, Hiroshima Prefecture is to continue restrictions on local bars and restaurants in 4 areas for an additional 2 weeks.

Areas affected:
Hiroshima City, Higashi-hiroshima, Fuchu Town and Kaita

Restrictions (October 1-14)

Businesses with a gold registration under the prefecture’s Sekkyoku Guard virus spread prevention program (installation of partitions, contactless thermometers, air circulators etc) can open 5am-9pm and serve alcohol between 11am and 8pm.

Sekkyoku Guard Gold Certificate

Other business can open 5am-8pm and serve alcohol between 11am and 7:30pm.

Groups drinking and dining together should be 4 people or less.
Bars etc are asked to refrain from offering karaoke services

The prefectural governor also asks that residents do their best to continue to keep unnecessary outing to a minimum, work from home where possible and way the risks to yourself an others of moving in and out of the 4 areas under continued restrictions.

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