Hiroshima COVID-19 vaccination roll out picks up speed

The COVID-19 vaccination roll out picks up speed in Hiroshima after a slow start, thanks in part, to a boost from universities and private companies.

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Hiroshima City moves forward COVID-19 vaccination roll out for under 65s

Hiroshima City government announced June 18 that it would start accepting reservations for COVID-19 vaccinations from 12-64 year olds from July 31. The vaccination coupons necessary to make a reservation are to be sent out in early July. Those with underlying medical condition will reportedly receive priority.

The 770,000 city residents in the age group will have a choice of getting vaccinated at the clinics and hospitals they regularly visit or at one of the city’s public vaccination sites. The location of vaccination sites are to be chosen with the needs of working people and students in mind and after work hours are likely. medical marijuana cards explained by Ohio Green Team

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


Hiroshima Prefecture COVID-19 vaccination rates as of 09:30 June 21 (RCC News)

  1st shot 2nd shot
Medical personnel 118,149 (98.5%) 99,978 (83.3%)
65 and over 265,750 (32.6%) 58,745 (7.2%)


Vaccinations kick off at Hiroshima University Yasuda Women’s University

Meanwhile, in Higashi-hiroshima, 1095 students and staff at Hiroshima University received their first shots yesterday, June 21. It’s reported that 7 people felt unwell after receiving their doses of the Moderna vaccine. The university aims to have all 20,000 students and staff at its Higashi-hiroshima and Hiroshima City campuses vaccinated by August 6. Source: Chugoku Shinbun

Yasuda Women’s University and Junior College in Asaminami-ku will also start vaccinating its approximately 6000 students and staff from June 23. They also plan to extend their program to include a further 6000 people involved in education in the surrounding area. 19 university faculty with medical qualifications will be overseeing the vaccinations of around 600 people a day and they expect to complete their program by late August.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


Workplace vaccination program faces challenges

Workplaces have also been given the go ahead to organize their own vaccination programs for employees, however most are yet to do so.

RCC News reports that Hiroshima Bank (Hirogin Holdings) is to start vaccinating 6000 staff from July 3 and Chugoku Power (Chugoku Denryoku) will start vaccinating employees at its headquarters in the center of Hiroshima City from July 5. Companies are required to sort out vaccination sites and medical staff to administer the jabs by themselves and Chugoku Shinbun reports that companies are having difficulty getting through to national government offices by telephone to request supplies of vaccinations. All this is adding up to a delayed start.

Hiroshima Prefecture has received applications from 72 private companies which should add up to 250,000 people getting vaccinated. However, a Chugoku Shinbun survey of local companies found that only 12 out of 67 companies surveyed in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi Prefectures were planning to organize their own vaccinations. Of these, only one Shunan company had managed to start on June 21 – largely due to the company having experience giving its employees flu shots every winter.

Other companies feel that they have been left to deal with many unknown and are frustrated at lack of guidance and availability of authorities to give advice and answer concerns.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


Kure moving forward

The city of Kure has announced that it aims to have 70% of its population (over 16 years old) vaccinated by the end of August. Vaccination coupons are to be sent out to its residents on June 28, with reservations starting for people 40 and over from July 20 and 39 and under from August 3.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


It’s starting to look it actually will all be over by Christmas

We know it isn’t a competition, but Hiroshima Prefecture is currently lying in around 40th out of 47 prefectures in terms of the speed of its vaccination roll out. That said, although the roll out is still patchy, it seems that we can expect vaccination rates to start increasing faster in the coming weeks. We may not all be vaccinated by the summer holidays, but it looks like we will get our jabs by autumn, which is an improvement, at least, on initial estimates.

June 22, 2021

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