23 new coronavirus cases in Miyoshi cluster

April 12, 2020

A cluster of 23 cases of coronavirus was confirmed in Miyoshi in the north of Hiroshima Prefecture last night. New cases also confirmed in Hiroshima City, Iwakuni, Fukuyama and Matsue.

None of the cases are considered to be serious, but it is thought that around 200 others may have had close contact with the 23.

All the new cases appear to have close or secondary contact with a woman in her 80s year who tested positive for coronavirus on April 9. This woman was a visitor to the Suimeien day service center in Miyoshi.

The other 6 cases are acquaintances of this same woman and 2 family members of a care worker who made visits to her home. One of these family members, a woman in her teens, attends Hiroshima Prefectural Miyoshi School of Nursing, which will now be closed from Monday, April 13.

According to the Suimeien day service center homepage, all the patients have been transferred to hospital and the center is currently

The planned closure of public schools in Miyoshi has been moved forward from April 16 to April 13.

Miyoshi city assembly elections are being held today as planned. Chugoku Shinbun reported mid-morning that estimated turnout is down almost 20% on the last election.

In other parts of the region yesterday

Hiroshima’s 15th confirmed case of coronavirus is a second Hiroshima City University student. He had a meal with the student from the same university who tested positive on Friday. Authorities are following up other possible close contacts.

2 more coronavirus cases in Fukuyama, bringing the total number in Fukuyama to 10.

Iwakuni’s first coronavirus case in is a student in their teens. They attend a vocational college (senmon gakkou) in Fukuoka and had returned home to Iwakuni.

4 new cases were announced in Matsue, Shimane early this morning. All are customers of the bar at which Matsue’s first case (who’s mother is also infected) works.

This brought the number of cases across Hiroshima Prefecture to 56.

Coronavirus cases in Chugoku region as of 11 pm April 11

Image: Chugoku Shinbun

New cases confirmed in

・Hiroshima City (+1)
・Miyoshi (+23)
・Fukuyama (+2)
・Iwakuni (+1)
・Matsue (+4)


Total Cases

Hiroshima Prefecture (56)

Hiroshima (15)
Fukuyama (10)
Miyoshi (26)
Etajima (1)
Fuchu-cho (1)
Higashi-hiroshima (1)
Onomichi (2)

Yamaguchi Prefecture (18)

Iwakuni (1)
Shunan (4)
Kudamatsu (4)
Hikari (2)
Yamaguchi (3)
Shimonoseki (5)


Shimane Prefecture (2)

Matsue (6)


Tottori Prefecture (1)

Tottori (1)

Okayama Prefecture (15)

Okayama (9)
Tamano (1)
Akaiwa (1)
Hayashima (3)
Satoshō (1)