Okuda Genso Sayume Art Museum

This well-designed art museum is dedicated to the work of locally-born Nihonga painter, Okuda Genso, and his wife Sayume, creator of ceramic dolls.

Beyond the titles of the pieces on display, there is unfortunately no further English explanation of the artists and their work, but Okuda Genso’s large canvases of natural scenes are very impressive and his wife’s dolls are very beautiful. Okuda Genso passed away on a full moon night in 2003 and the museum is perhaps best known for the fact it stays open until 9pm on the night of the full moon each month, when the moon can be viewed rising above a pool of water.



The museum also hosts special exhibitions throughout the year.

Admission to the permanent collection

  • Adult: ¥800
  • College student: ¥400
  • Up to the end of high school: free

By car:
2.5km from the Miyoshi Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway (75min from Hiroshima city center).

By bus:
Buses run between Hiroshima Bus Center and Miyoshi JR Station throughout the day from where you can take a local bus. The 09:45 highway bus from Hiroshima Bus Center makes a stop at the museum in the morning (arrives at 11:27) and again on the way back at 15:43 in the afternoon (arriving back at Hiroshima Bus Center at 17:32).

Address: 453-6 Higashi-sakeya-machi, Miyoshi-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Address in Japanese: 〒728-0023 広島県三次市東酒屋町453−6
Tel: 0824-65-0010
URL: http://www.genso-sayume.jp/

Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of GetHiroshima.com and loves running in the mountains.