Eating The Stars

One of the nicest aspects of Hiroshima is that for such a relatively small city, we have a generous number of Michelin star restaurants; even better, is that, at least when compared to many other cities, these restaurants are relatively affordable. When I arrived two and a half years ago, I made it my mission to eat at every starred restaurant in Hiroshima’s Michelin guide.

There are sixteen stars with in the city of Hiroshima itself, so far I’ve had half of them. Half isn’t a bad number, considering that I’ve returned to a few of these places multiple times. Then the GetHiroshima made me a most interesting proposal… “How would you like to eat at all of them, and get paid to do it? You’d be the Michelin Man.”

Body shape issues aside, I quickly accepted the challenge. To paraphrase something my daughter once said, that someday she’d like to eat the moon, me, I’ll eat the stars.

The quest so far

Matt’s Moon Rating Scale

Life changing.
Excellent, well worth making reservations far in advance.
Very good, worth making an effort to eat there.
Satisfactory, but not worth a long trip.
 Awful or some major problem.



Matt Jungblut

Matt Jungblut moved to Hiroshima from Brooklyn, via Jakarta. If you plan to do moves like this, don’t be crazy like him, relocating with five thousand vinyl records and a toddler in tow. He keeps busy by DJ’ing weekly, dropping his kid off at school, and eating at places that he’d like to write about.