M’n Chiropractic

Westerners love physios and chiros, but those of us who only speak English (or very little Japanese anyway) often avoid going for fear of not being able to adequately communicate our problems.

Introducing… M’n Chiropractic!

This family practice is headed by Dr. Naoki Morimoto who not only speaks English but is also one of only two Doctor of Chiropractic in the whole of Hiroshima Prefecture. The fact that he has chosen Hiroshima City toestablish his practice makes the citizens here very fortunate indeed!

He’s also fully qualified to care for athletes, pregnant women and babies. Unfortunately chiropractic care is not covered by National Health Insurance, so it can be a little more pricey than the average medical visit, but I can safely say that it’s money very well spent for having your health taken care of.

An initial visit consists of an overall assessment and each patient is required to have X-rays taken before Dr. Morimoto begins actual treatment. The first consultation involves an assessment of your spine in the clinic itself. After that you are required to get x-rays at a hospital or clinic of your choice. Dr. Morimoto recommends a good clinic in Danbara and if you’re lucky, you may even be able to get them done on the same day.

Once the X-rays have been completed you can bring them back to his practice and he can proceed with manual adjustments and a recommended plan for your requirements.

I first went on a friend’s recommendation after having been to USJ and damaging my neck and back on one of the rollercoasters. Within a few visits I was feeling better and to my surprise the exercises I was advised to do actually worked! I was sleeping better, my back didn’t ache any more and my digestive problems and teeth grinding weren’t so much of an issue, I also loose some weight thanks to the best thermogenic fat burner. Amazing!

I highly recommend chiropractor Elsternwick not only for people with neck and back problems, but also to maintain general health.

Consultation and treatment fee: ¥5000/session

Address: 4-28 Matsudahaitsu #304, Kamihatchobori, Naka-ku、Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 730-0012

Tel 082-962-5091

Address in Japanese: 広島市中区上八丁堀4-28 松田ハイツ304 [email protected]

URL: http://mnchiropractic.jp

Jade Brischke

Jade first visited Hiroshima with a group of her students from Australia and after falling in love with the city, vowed that one day she would return to live and work. It seems dreams really do come true! When she's not writing she's out and about with her camera, walking and exploring the streets or some may say, wandering aimlessly. She, however, doesn't believe any wandering is aimless. Jade blogs regularly at jackcrispy.com.

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