Starbucks 2017 Limited Edition Sakura Products: Purity

Starbucks releases the second wave of its annual limited edition sakura cherry blossom-themed cup and tumblers on March 1.

Following the hugely popular “Harmony” line released on February 15, the “Purity” line of 17 more cups and tumblers Starbucks will go on sale at branches across the country on March 1.

  • Petal handy stainless bottle 400ml ¥4200
  • Petal handy stainless bottle 500ml ¥4500
  • Pink gradient stainless mug 355ml ¥3200
  • Layered petal create your stainless tumbler 473ml ¥290
  • Petal tumbler 473ml ¥1900
  • Layered petal tumbler 355ml ¥1700
  • Embossed stainless cylinder tumbler 355ml ¥3600
  • Petal stainless bottle 330ml ¥3400
  • Sunny bottle (White) 500ml ¥2500
  • Stainless sunny bottle (Blue) 500ml ¥2900
  • Double wall glass 296ml ¥2300
  • Gradient stainless mug (White) 355ml ¥3200
  • Bright handy stainless bottle 350ml ¥4100
  • Clay mug 355ml ¥1900
  • Gold mug 355ml ¥2500
  • Starbucks purity sakura cards ¥620
  • Bright mug 355ml ¥1700

Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of and loves running in the mountains.

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