U:ME Bakery

U:ME is a small bakery worth seeking out if you are looking for something special for a party, picnic or gift for a sweet-toothed friend. Especially handy if you are heading to the Asa-Zoo, Transportation museum or Big-Arch (EDION) soccer stadium as it is on the way from town to these venues. It is a little hard to find, so first look for the wonderful PapasMamas Italian restaurant right next to it.

Gourmet Selection Donuts

Located just off the main road, near Kami-Yasu Astram (monorail) station serving a good variety of items that change each season. Bakeries in Hiroshima are usually pretty good, but the selection at U:ME stocks all my favorites and never disappoints on flavor or quality.

They usually have great baguettes (with an authentic crunch), colorful macaroons, gourmet donuts, nutty brownies, sakura cherry-blossom cookies (spring), original chocolates, sandwiches and other delights. Free coffee, espresso or tea service with any purchase.

Sakura Blossom Cookies I’d have to say the family favorite is the gourmet donuts, especially the variety pack. They remind me of New York style decorated mini-donuts popular in trendy shopping areas like SoHo. If you love French baguettes, you are in for a treat, we haven’t found it’s equal anywhere in Hiroshima. Get there early in the day as they often are sold out by early afternoon.

  • Take-out only
  • Parking for 1-2 cars in front
  • Open: 10-6 Wed-Sun (Closed Mon-Tue)
  • Address: Hiroshima-shi, Asa-minami-ku, 1-1-29 Kami-yasu, Hashimoto Bld 1F
  • Tel: 082-878-5453
  • Facebook page: UME


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