Maison Rabelais

Beautiful cakes, chocolates, breads and pastries await you in this divine little shop just over the bridge from the Peace park. Rabelais is a wonderful bakery to shop in for special occasions as their gift boxes, signature chocolates and seasonal assortments of cookies, cakes and other treats will really impress.

Whether you pop in to buy a gift or treat yourself, the friendly staff are eager to please. There is so much variety to choose from and everything is displayed so beautifully.

A unique quality of their products is that they feature local ingredients like fruits and dairy from around Hiroshima alongside top quality imported nuts, fruit, coco powder and flour- the taste is a reflection of the exotic and best of our local harvests.

The “Peace Gift” includes a cake called fromage Mirasaka, a light and fluffy cheesecake made from goat’s cheese made in the town of Mirasaka, Miyoshi city (Hiroshima prefecture). Some special cakes are made with wasabi horseradish that is grown in Yoshikazu, Hiroshima. Lemons and mikan mandarin oranges from the Setoda peninsula of the prefecture also feature in many of their popular cakes.

Seasonal favorites reflect the tastes of the different fruits and ingredients when they are at their best throughout the year. Marron and Kuri both refer to chestnuts, which are often used in the Fall and Winter products as well as strawberries. Spring brings tropical fruit flavors like passion fruit and locally harvested lemons and oranges. Summer products feature mango and summer berries. Cheese, cream and chocolate desserts are featured year round.

Valentines, White day, Halloween and Christmas are all celebrated with different themed products, but Rabelais macaroons are especially famous anytime of year. They also offer special services like custom made orders for personalized birthday cakes or personally selected gift boxes which are available upon request.

Opening hours: Open 10am~8pm Tuesday through Sunday – Closed Mondays

Address: Hiroshima city, Honkawa-machi 1-1-24
Tel: 082-292-5400
URL: MaisonRabelais.com

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