Starbucks 2017 Limited Edition Sakura Products: Harmony

The plum blossoms may only just be poking their heads out, but Starbucks released the first wave of it’s annual sakura cherry blossom-themed line of cups and tumblers today.

The 20 item product line has been named “Harmony” to express “the harmony of the Japanese race”. It’s to be followed on March 1 with 17 more in a line called “Purity”. The Harmony line doesn’t only feature cherry blossoms in its designs, but other spring flowers too.

Here’s the Harmony full line up (as shown above) with prices released February 15, 2017.

  • Full bloom create your tumbler 473ml ¥2900
  • Double wall sunny bottle (Pink) 473ml ¥2500
  • Full bloom stainless steel tumbler 355ml ¥3600
  • Full bloom stainless bottle 480ml ¥4400
  • Full bloom stainless bottle 355 ml ¥3600
  • Full bloom double wall glass 355ml ¥2400
  • Full bloom stainless sunny bottle 500ml ¥2900
  • Frosted tumbler 473ml ¥1900
  • Full bloom tumbler 355ml ¥1700
  • Double wall sunny bottle green 473ml ¥2500
  • Stainless combination bottle 350ml ¥4000
  • Combination mug 355ml ¥1700
  • Gradient mug 237ml ¥1700
  • Starbucks sakura cards ¥620
  • Full bloom glass 296ml ¥2400
  • Heat resistant combination mug glass 355ml ¥1500
  • Full bloom beverage card ¥620
  • Combination beverage card ¥620
  • Stainless mug (Pink) 355ml ¥3200
  • Stainless mug (White) 355ml ¥3200

These sakura lines are getting ever more popular so you shouldn’t hang around. Most of them are already sold out in the Starbucks online store.

Starbucks 2017 sakura collection- Harmony online

We won’t be too surprised to find a few of these making their way onto auction sites.

Paul Walsh

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