24/7 coffee&roaster ujina

Located in the FLEX gallery furniture and retail outlet on the Ujina waterfront, 24/7 is a great place to take in a fantastic sea view while enjoying a very nice drink and tasty bite to eat. Recharge and relax over a high-quality coffee, specialty brew and a plate of hotcakes.

The cafe can accommodate up to 30 people at a time on a first come first served basis and is popular for couples, small groups and friends to lounge at the upper comfy futon level, at one of the standard tables in the middle, or at one of the sofas set up along the front window. All seats are set up to look out to an impressive sea view.

Slow drip coffee in made to match cup

The featured drink is one of their slow-pour coffees available in three variations of beans roasted on location. Take notice of the lab-coat wearing staff who pour the coffee with due diligence. Once you choose the roast of your coffee beans, you will be served a different type and color of cup depending on the variety you choose. Apparently, the color contrast is said to more fully enhance the coffee drinking experience. 

Block salad with bread and dressing

There are some light dining options on the menu to accompany coffee, juices, specialty beers, sparkling wines and other alcoholic drinks. Popular dishes include the fresh “block salad” and savory cheesy toasts. For sweeter options, the Setouchi lemon pound cake and thick yet fluffy hotcakes are deliciously satisfying. Both the fruit and Azuki bean versions are delicious.

Hotcakes served think and fluffy with fruit or sweet azuki beans

Service is relaxed and friendly and the atmosphere is calm which makes 24/7 the perfect place to enjoy time with a friend, a drink with your sweetheart, or even just to contemplate enhancing your home with some of the stylish furnishings from the adjacent shops.

Light BGM fills in the lulls in conversation and while gazing out to sea, you may vaguely notice the changing view of fishing boats coming in and out of the harbor or huge tankers traversing the horizon. On our cold day visit, I found looking out at the blue sea from the cozy indoors very relaxing. The passing of clouds and light created shadows on the walls, which was particularly mesmerizing. In warmer months it’s possible to sit outside if you prefer.

Opening hours: 11:00-23:00 (L.0. for drinks 22:30, L.0. for food 22:00) 

 Address: Hiroshima city, Minami-ku Ujina-kaigan 3-12-38  〒734-0011  
Address in Japanese: 〒734-0011 広島県広島市南区宇品海岸3丁目12−38
Tel: 082-250-0036
URL: http://commercial-art.net/wp/hiroshima/247-coffeeroaster-ujina/


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