Hiroshima “Counterculture” Haro

In the third part of Goto Izumi’s search for a Hiroshima counterculture she visits the studio of her own cultural barometer, Haro. [日本語]

Exhibit 3


Haro is an extremely likeable fellow, but, an avid student and curator of underground culture, he has an uncompromising artistic compass. He is Hiroshima’s nascent counterculture’s greatest champion and harshest critic.

Haro 3

Declare yourself an “artist” and you’d better be able to back it up. You might find him checking out this exhibition or that event, but you won’t catch him schmoozing and is often studiously aloof. Haro is my own cultural barometer; his presence at one of my own productions is always a sign that I’m on the right track. He is as tough on himself as he is on others.

HaroGoto Izumi at Haro's studio

Currently working mostly with silk screen, he refuses to describe himself as an artist. That, he believes, is an appellation only deserved by those who make a living from their own work created on their own terms.

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