Michimaru Ramen

Delicious Hakata ramen near Hiroshima Station’s shinkansen exit.

Ramen is taken very seriously in Fukuoka/Hakata, much like okonomiyaki is here. Ton-kotsu (pork based) is the only type to eat in Hakata. Outside the region shops tend to go with a thicker, oilier kotteri soup which is easier to make, but Michimaru’s broth is the delicate, and difficult to master, light assari broth. Noodles here have a different texture than most ramen, as they are Kyushu style. You can choose your noodle firmness as you would there. I tend to opt for the kona-otoshi literally “still dusty with powder”, extremely firm noodles, but if you aren’t specific, you’ll be fine. Near the station, Michimaru is as good as Fukuoka, and cheaper than getting on the shinkansen.

gyoza at michi maru hakata ramen in hiroshima japan

michimaru ramen outside

michimaru ramen menu

Opening hours:

  • Lunch 11:00-14:30
  • Dinner 17:30-24:00
  • Open every day but only for lunch on Sunday

Address: 2-8-15 Hikari-machi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Address in Japanese: 〒732-0052 広島県広島市東区光町2-8-15

Matt Jungblut

Matt Jungblut moved to Hiroshima from Brooklyn, via Jakarta. If you plan to do moves like this, don’t be crazy like him, relocating with five thousand vinyl records and a toddler in tow. He keeps busy by DJ’ing weekly, dropping his kid off at school, and eating at places that he’d like to write about.