Last Call For Kagetsu Arashi Veggie Ramen

For those outside Tokyo, spring has, for almost a decade, been the season for vegetarian ramen lovers. Is this coming to an end?

Veggie Ramen NANA

Good things come to those who wait. 
Kagetsu’s veggie ramen is due to return on Wednesday, April 3… 2019!

For the past 9 years, ramen chain Kagetsu Arashi have produced a special vegetarian ramen each spring. I’m embarrassed to say that we didn’t notice their “NANA” amen until a couple of years ago, probably as we didn’t start eating in shopping malls until we had kids. As you can see from this video the dish has been through many varied, and some strange, permutations over the years. I think Kagetsu hit on a winner when they went with spirulina infused noodles and veggie gyoza in 2011 and they have stuck with that formula since.

According to the Kagetsu site, this year their NANA veggie ramen will “graduate”. Thus, it is being branded as “NANA The Final”. Here’s hoping that it will graduate to the regular menu…

Here’s where you can get your veggie ramen from March 5 until the end of May. Vegetarian gyoza fried dumplings and itameshi fried rice will also be available.

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