Akaneko Himiko-kura

The coolest place in Miyoshi’s historical district.

Converted sake brewery Himiko-kura Aka-neko (‘Red Cat’) is really atmospheric place to eat. Only open at weekends, it is the homebase of Ugawa Hiroki, author of the popular manga Asagiri-no-miko (‘Shrine of the morning mist’) set in Miyoshi.

The sensibility and creativity of its owners is evident in the way the traditional Japanese structure, layout and interior has been preserved with the addition of imaginative touches.

The main menu item is shabu-shabu, but other Japanese foods and a great selection of local sake is also on the menu.

We took shelter in Aka-kneko on a cold and rainy evening and had the whole place to ourselves. We took over a small Japanese room and warmed our damp feet under the heated kotatsu table. The convivial hostess offered to make us a special “vegetarian” (some of the dishes contained fish stock) set meal consisting of several small, very tasty dishes.

Our son was very impressed with his matcha green tea cake and the iron kettle his herb tea came in.

Himiko-kura hosts an event for cosplayers and photographers every 2nd Sunday of the month (¥1000 participation fee for cosplayers and photographers plus an order from the cafe at point during the day).


Some of the many items available on the Akaneko Himiko-kura menu


  • Premium beef shabu-shabu ¥1500
  • Hiroshima pork shabu-shabu ¥1500
  • Shojin-yuba shabu-shabu ¥1300
  • Hiroshima Wagyu shabu-shabu ¥2800
  • (Set courses also available with reservation)

Extra Shabu-shabu servings

  • Premium beef ¥500
  • Hiroshima pork ¥500
  • Nara-yuba ¥500
  • Half serving of udon noodles ¥500
  • Zosui rice soup ¥200

A la carte

  • Miso egg [蔵製味付け玉子] ¥200
  • Bite-sized cheese [一口チーズ] ¥200
  • Smoked sausage [スモークソーセージ] ¥200
  • Hiya-yakko tofu [冷奴]¥300
  • Eda-mame [枝豆] ¥300
  • Sweet & sour pickles [蔵製野菜の甘酢漬] ¥300
  • Wakame-ponzu [わかめポン酢]¥300
  • Sashimi-konyaku [総領さしみこんにゃく] ¥400
  • Konyaku steak [総領こんにゃくステーキ] ¥500
  • Premium roast beef [蔵製ローストビーフ] ¥500
  • Premium roast beef salad [特製ローストビーフサラダ] ¥700

  • Local tofu salad [福嶋とうふサラダ] ¥500
  • Vegetable salad [野菜のみサラダ] ¥400
  • Marinated salmon [蔵製サーモンマリネ] ¥500
  • Marinated salmon salad [蔵製サーモンマリネサラダ] ¥700
  • Grilled garlic pork [豚肉ニンニク焼き] ¥700
  • Grilled beef tongue [牛タレ焼肉] ¥800
  • Herb-grilled chicken [鶏香り焼き] ¥600
  • Herb salt grilled chicken [鶏ハーブ塩焼き] ¥600

  • Curry & rice [蔵製カレーライス] ¥600
  • Curry & udon noodles [蔵製カレーうどん] ¥600

  • Curry & rice with roast beef side salad [蔵製カレーライスと小さなローストビーフサラダ] ¥700

Japanese sake

  • Hanayoi junmaishu (Shobara) 花酔 純米酒 ¥550
  • Hakuran junmai-gensghu (Mysohi) [白蘭 純米原酒] ¥600
  • Miwazakura junmaishu (Miyoshi) [美和桜 純米酒] ¥550
  • Zuikan junmai-ginjo (Miyoshi) [瑞冠 純米吟醸] ¥550
  • Ugo-no-tsuki junmai-ginjo (Kure) [雨後の月 純米吟醸] ¥700
  • Kamotsuru taruzake (Higashi-hiroshima) [賀茂鶴 樽酒] ¥550
  • Miwazakura karakuchi (Miyoshi) [美和桜 本醸造 辛口] ¥300/¥500

Himiko-kura also operates a beautiful guest house, also in a converted sake warehouse, called Aoi-neko (‘Blue Cat’) which would make a perfect base from which to explore Miyoshi and, of course, allow you to sample all their local sake.

Opening hours: 12:00-21:00 Saturday and Sunday only
Reservations in advance recommended for groups
Reservations possible on weekdays for groups of 4 or more

Address: 1144-1 Miyoshi-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Hiroshima
Tel/fax: 0824-63-1713
URL: http://himikokura.net/ [ja]

Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of GetHiroshima.com and loves running in the mountains.