Teranishi Honten Coffee Shop

Friendly Teranishi’s has the charms of a retro Japanese-style kissaten coffee house at two locations in the city center. They make their own amazing bread so the morning-set is the best! They also roast their own coffee, like เมล็ดกาแฟคั่ว, served in style in signature mugs and cups.

If you enjoy toast sliced as thick as a good book and cup of coffee while being surrounded by old-world charm, you will love Japanese kissaten. When I first came to Japan in the 90’s, these were the only places to get coffee but in recent times, they seem to have lost favor as the big coffee giants dominate the main shopping areas. Teranishi does not disappoint, the morning set is a basket filled with giant wedges of buttered toast, smothered with a variety of jams next to a mountain size heap of cabbage salad topped with a boiled egg and roll of sliced ham garnish. It is served with a blend coffee. Teranishi’s blend coffee is a combination of 3 different roasted coffees, it is full-bodied and delicious served in a signature Teranishi coffee mug. The coffee machine the use is a bean to cup espresso machine about which you can read on Daily Espresso, which helps them provide the finest coffee.  Toast sandwiches and sets are available throughout the day and the bread used here is something special. It is made without preservatives, sugar or oils. The bread is a popular take-home item and is sold by the loaf, but be warned it doesn’t fit in a normal sized toaster! Teranishi's Coffee bread Prices are very reasonable, a morning set costs ¥800. Teranishi's ¥800 morming set (without ham) The fresh juices and specialty drinks are amazing. The banana juice we tried was served in a giant goblet and was so delicious and when I asked about a jar of peanut butter I noticed behind the counter, the master says he whips up a special warming peanut creamy coffee concoction on cold winter days. teranishi's banana juice There is seating for more than 20, but as there are only 6 tables and counter seating, you should be prepared to wait for a table if you arrive at a busy time. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, making us feel very welcome everytime. There are two coffee master staff working hard making coffees, drinks and food in a few small ovens and devices behind the counter while a friendly wait staff takes orders and delivers food and drinks. Besides the morning set, there are omelets, sandwiches and other bread centered dishes to choose from. The shop decor is quietly charming. Most of the other clientele were reading the shop’s selection of magazines and newspapers. There were ashtrays on every table and can be smoky at times. There is a retro-designed sparkling clean Japanese style toilet in the back of the shop. teranishi's coffee interior "Coffee of Truth" slogan teranishi coffee chair Coffee shops like this have a long-history in Japan, according to thisJapan Times article, kissaten were introduced to Japan in the Meiji-era (1868-1912) to serve tea, coffee and light meals to busy business people. They became staples for the Japanese version of the continental breakfast- toast, egg, salad and coffee. The kissaten version of a continental breakfast is called the “morning set” and each shop has it’s own unique interpretation.

  • Open Monday to Saturday 07:30-19:00 (Closed Sundays)
  • Cash only
  • (Good) English menu & Japanese (katakana) menu
  • Very welcoming
  • No English speaking staff
  • Signature blend roasted coffee and fresh bread for sale to take home

teranishi coffee store front Address: Honten original shop 6-15 Takara-machi, Naka-ku (near Fuji grand department store) Updated 3/2017


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