Hallelujah​ is a friendly dining-bar­ with a nice wooden counter and tables with colorful chairs, soft lighting and a welcoming atmosphere situated in Hiroshima’s entertainment district just of Nagarekawa-dori near Peace Boulevard.

Perfect for a casual night with friends or colleagues, you can sit at a table, in a more intimate section with sofas, or, of course, at the counter, where you can enjoy chatting with the staff. Hallelujah also takes booking for parties. Hallelujah is open from 6pm to 5am six nights a week, catering for both early birds and night owls.

Shuji and Yubai, the open­-minded owner and his chef, will put you at ease and introduce you to other customers if you are by yourself. Their English is limited, but they are easy to communicate with. Owner Shuji, who grew up in Kyoto, is very outgoing and personable. If you’re into local stories and want to know the latest talk in the district, you’ve come to the right place, Shuji is very well informed!

Shuji behind the bar ay Hallelujah in Hiroshima
Shuji behind the bar

You can come to Hallelujah just for a drink, but they also have a pretty wide food menu, making it a good candidate for dinner too. They have an English menu and Shuji will do his best to explain the daily specials. The food is a mixture of homestyle Japanese food such as oden and tempura and western dishes such as gorgonzola chicken, onion rings and there is a big leg of Iberico ham on the counter. Fried chicken fans should try the “tulip chicken”. Prices are pretty reasonable and you can ask for an all­-you­-can­-drink plan too. As well as beer and cocktails, Shuji also offers some good varieties of Japanese sake. Download the full menu in Japanese and English here.

Onion rings and tuna cheek at Hallelujah in Hiroshima
Onion rings and tuna cheek

Hallelujah​ was the first bar I visited when I first arrived in Hiroshima. I got friendly with the staff and became a regular. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for casual and easy-­going Japanese people to befriend! Even though my Japanese isn’t that great, I got to meet a lot a nice people and it really helped me develop a local friend network soon after I arrived.

hallelujah bar in hiroshima, japan

Nice music all night, mostly reggae. There is also a flat-screen on one wall showing music videos, movies, the occasional major sporting event, and, often, a documentary on Woodstock on repeat.

[Editor’s addition]
At time of writing, Hallelujah is working on some vegetarian dishes. They aim to have around 6 vegetarian options by the end of this year. If you would like to sample their vegetarian dishes and offer your feedback, sample dishes, such as tofu burger patties, are on the menu at reduced prices.

Opening hours: Tuesday­-Sunday 18:00-­05:00
Closed: Monday

Address 8­-11 Nagarekawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-­0028
Address in Japanese: 広島市中区流川町8-­11 中川ビル2 1F 〒730­0-028
Tel: 082-­247-­0199
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hallelujah.kitchen.bar

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