Hullpong NPO

We got some fun & unique cat-themed goods from the Hullpong NPO ひゅーるぽん at a Senda-machi flea market earlier this month.

HullPong NPO at Flea Market

We were impressed by the great people running the booth and after a quick chat and look at their website, this seems to be a very active NPO that supports members of the community with disabilities or special needs. According to the website, they organize a range of activities to teach kids about leadership as well as support and include a variety of people in our community.

They have a good website detailing all of their various good works as well as sell unique and beautiful handmade items in their online shops.

If you are looking for unique presents for friends, there are a selection of items available that would make great gifts and help support their community-building activities.


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