Gokurakuji Onsen Arcadia Village

Arcadia Village is a good option for a reasonably-priced local overnight getaway or an hot spring day trip in the countyside. It is accessible by road and free shuttle buses run to and from Hatsukaichi and Miyauchi-kushido JR Station. You can also use it as a goal (and incentive) at the end of the Gokurakuji-yama hike.

Arcadia Village is a public-run country “resort” facility in the mountain north of Hatsukaichi. It has lodging, a restaurant and an nice onsen hot spring which is open to all. Surrounding grounds have picnic and bbq areas, a playground and a hotaru firefly viewing area. Hiking trails take you to a lovely grassy spot called Sakura-no-sato which is very colorful in spring during cherry blossom season, to Jah-no-ike lake and onto historic Gokuraku-ji Temple which sits atop Gokurakuji-yama.

Arcadia Village
Arcadia Village


Sakura-no-sato in late autumn
Sakura-no-sato in late autumn


Arcadia Village gets mixed reviews from Japanese customers. Some love the relative quiet and the “at home” atmosphere, while others complain that the staff are a little too relaxed and not particularly attentive. For locals, Arcadia Village’s greatest appeal is that it is one of the area’s most accessible hot springs. You can make the drive up from Hatsukaichi on the coast in less than 30 minutes. Be warned, however, that it is quite a steep mountain road with many switchbacks, making for a “dramatic” descent. Free shuttle buses run 3 times up and down the mountain each day from and to the Hatsukaichi area (see below).

The onsen is open 07:00-21:00 and is ¥550 for adults and ¥310 for children (under 12). Small towels can be bought and bath towels rented for ¥150. Bathing is separated for men and women and have two or three baths, a sauna and an outdoor rotenburo. There is also a small veranda next to the rotenburo with some plastic chairs from where you can view the terraced rice fields down the valley below. Unfortunately, Acadia Village doesn’t allow people with tattoos in he bathing areas.
rotenburo outside bath


View from the outdoor bath
View from the outdoor bath


If staying overnight, regular rooms (Japanese and 3 bed western style) start at ¥7500 per person and deluxe rooms (Japanese style only) with an attached bath at ¥8000. Prices include dinner and breakfast, which are said to be of high quality. You should, however, expect to pay higher prices during Golden Week, Obon and New Year holiday periods.

The restaurant is open 11:00-20:00

Ushirobata-gozen ¥1800
Ushirobata-gozen ¥1800

Gokurakuji-gozen ¥1800
Gokurakuji-gozen ¥1800

  • Lunch 11:00-14:00
  • Cafe 14:30-17:00
  • Dinner 17:00-20:00 (LO 19:30)


By car:
Take Route 433 north from the Hera [平良] Junction on Route 2 at Nanao Junior High School [七尾中学校]

By shuttle bus
Free buses leave from Arcadia Village at 09:00, 14:00 and 17:00 calling at Hatsukaichi City Hall and Miyauchi Kushido JR Station (30-45min).

Arcadia Village Hatsukaichi City Hall Station


Hatsukaichi City Hall JR Miyauchi Kushido Station  

Arcadia Village


09:00 09:25 09:30 09:45 10:10
14:00 14:25 14:30 14:45 15:10
17:00 17:25 17:30 17:45 18:10

On foot:

You can access Arcadia Village from the Gokurakuji-yama hiking trail [ja]

Address: 2210 Hara, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 〒738-0031
Address in Japanese: 〒738-0031 広島県廿日市市原2210
Tel: 0829-38-2221
URL http://www.arcadia-village.jp/

Gokurakuji Onsen Arcadia Village is closed the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

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