Cycle Shop Grumpy

We humans have 3 basic needs; bikes, beer and coffee. Satisfy them all at Cycle Shop Grumpy, which is surely a contender for best bike shop name ever. [日本語]

Grumpy is a shop born of a love for bicycles and heavily influenced in ethos and style by the bike culture of the Pacific Northwest in the U.S.. Grumpy are real bicycle enthusiasts and are very welcoming to newbies looking to get into the scene. There is a strong stylistic element to this enthusiasm that will appeal to those drawn to “bicycle chic”, but they are about much more than just the look. They bike the talk, throwing themselves into cycling events that range from pottering to cyclocross – all sporting one of the most striking (and humorous) bike kits I’ve ever seen.

In line with the current resurgence of a back-to-basics ethos, Grumpy stock mostly steel frame bikes. In their spacious and airy store, you’ll find U.S. brands like Cielo, Surly, All City and Salsa, a good selection Brompton folders, as well as Japanese bikes from E.B.S. and Starfuckers. They also have a wide selection of high end accessories and clothing, and can help you fit out all kinds of bikes for lightweight bikepacking expeditions and heavy touring.

Cycle Shop Grumpy - display 2

Cycle Shop Grumpy - display

Cycle Shop Grumpy - fat bikes

Cycle Shop Grumpy - accessories

Owner, Nishigami-san, isn’t just content with selling bikes and their accoutrements. He has been learning the art of frame building and aims to open a bike factory which will build it’s brand of bicycles.

Dopey’s Cafe, in the corner of the store, serves really good coffee and even has beer on tap as well as imported bottled craft beers on sale. Hipster heaven, without the attitude.

Cycle Shop Grumpy - Dopey's Cafe

Cycle Shop Grumpy - beer

Caffeine junkies and coffee lovers might also like to check out nearby Mount Coffee.

Opening hours: 11:00-20:00

Facebook: GrumpyRakuRakuen
Instagram: @grumpy_bike

Cycle Shop Grumpy is about 2km from Nishi-hiroshima Station on the left side of Route 2 traveling west (towards Miyajima).

Address 101 Dorumi Kogo, 1-8-32 Kogonaka, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken
Address in Japanese: 広島県広島市西区庚午中1-18-32ドルミ庚午101
Tel: 082-208-2535

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