Shohei Yamamoto has loved coffee all his life. After gaining experience working at several cafes and restaurants, he started studying about fresh roasted coffee and opened MOUNT COFFEE near Takasu Station in Nishi Hiroshima in May 2014.

MOUNT COFFEE is a cozy place, very tastefully designed. The ever-present aroma of roasting beans gives the place very calm, warm and gentle air. These days in Hiroshima we now have a choice of places where we can pick up fresh coffee, but I think you’ll agree that at MOUNT COFFEE you’ll feel something different.

I observed one couple, who seemed to know their stuff about coffee, ask Mr.Yamamoto for something tasty and light. With nothing more than that to go one he suggested his Ethiopian beans (which have a lovely, slightly sweet aroma like cacao) and offered to brew them a cup to sample. They took seats by the window and had sipped the sample. “Oh wow!” they exclaimed. The couple left the shop very impressed and very happy with the bag of beans they were taking home. That was all I needed to know about Yamamoto’s discerning taste.


Don’t worry if you are complete novice when it comes to coffee beans. Just give him an idea of what kind of flavor you like or don’t like, and he will find something that suits your tastes. How easy is that?!

I must also tell you about his mate, “Mr.Coffee Roaster”. A grand machine that stands solid and dignified. Even if you don’t consider yourself a machinery-spotter, it’s hard to take your eyes off the shiny machine. Well worth seeing.


For the proprietor of such a cool-looking shop, Yamamoto is surprisingly disarming.

“Just like it’s nice to pick up bread from a local bakery or flowers from a neighborhood florist, I want to people to feel comfortable popping into my shop. I really want to share my high quality coffee beans with lots of people. There’s nothing better than helping people find the flavor that’s just right for them.”

MOUNT COFFEE offers 6 coffee blends, each blend named for the time of day it is best enjoyed, such as “Fine Morning” and “Twilight Time” and 7 straight varieties of beans from the world’s top coffee producing regions such as Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, etc. All the beans are, of course, carefully selected by Yamamoto himself.

Coffee beans start at ¥972 for 200g (¥1458 for 300g) and Yamamoto will grind your beans on request.

You can also sit and enjoy a cup of his coffee prepared in the shop for ¥350 a cup.
MOUNT COFFEE also takes orders online and postage is free for orders over ¥4500

You can also pick up a selection of very nicely designed coffee-making paraphernalia in the shop.


If you don’t live nearly it’s quite convenient to pop into MOUNT COFFEE when going to and from Miyajima by streetcar as it’s only one minute walk from Takasu Hiroden streetcar stop.

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00
Closed: Sunday

  • Credit cards accepted
  • 1 parking space available


Address: 2-20-13 Kogo-kita, Nishiku, Hiroshima [広島県広島市 西区庚午北2-20-13-1F]
Tel: 082 521 9691



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