Mt. Mitate Viewpoint

This year we have had some fantastically clear Spring days in Hiroshima which has been a great chance to get out on some short hikes around the city that offer up stunning views. Mitate-yama (Mt. Mitate) is one of those great-view hikes to seek out in clear weather for an overview of the city.

The Mitate-yama hike is not too difficult of a climb and the view you are rewarded with makes it worth the effort. At the viewpoint, there is a signboard in English as well as Japanese next to the big rock so you can orient yourself while looking out over Hiroshima city and the islands beyond.

It’s possible from this point to see across to the Peace Pagoda (another great short hike from Hiroshima station), Hiroshima’s main rivers, trains and the Shinkansen bullet trains in action as they crisscrossing over bridges. Looking out to the horizon on a clear day, you can see as far as the Seto-inland sea and the islands just off the coast.

As you can see on the walking map below, it is quite easy to navigate to Mitate-yama from the Ushita (Big Wave) Astram (monorail) station, or the Ushita-Big Wave Sports Complex if you follow the path up through Hiroshima Sogo Koen Park and the rose gardens behind the facility.


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