Kissa Torimichi

On a drive out to the countryside around Ohnan, just across the border in Shimane, or to fill up before or after exploring nearby Dangyo-kei gorge, Kissa Tōrimichi [喫茶とおりみち] is the place.

Hidden in plain sight on Route 261, just 1.5km away from the gorge, with delicious salads, pasta dishes and some of the most imaginative pizzas you’ll find, Tōrimichi has a simple but unique selection of western and Japanese style dishes.

The pizzas are the stars of the show and Kissa Tōrimichi has served over 10,000 since opening in 1974. Each comes with a ticket showing its number; collect 10 and get one free.

Tōrimichi also serves tasty pasta dishes. They are all made with super-fresh vegetables and you can choose a tomato, cream or oil based sauce.

Also not to be resisted is the indulgent dessert drink menu (and, yes, dessert pizza).

And these incredible Oreo shakes!

Tōrimichi has several comfortable tables to sit at, but the best seats in the house have to be at the table that looks out onto the garden with its pretty pond. There are also some counter seats and a room upstairs complete with a kids’ (Japanese) library.

Open until 11pm, Kissa Toorimichi is also one of the few places in this area where you can enjoy some after dinner drinks. Although not fluent, the owner, chef, bartender and former DJ, Kasaoka-san’s English conversations are always memorable.

Call ahead or check the cafe’s Facebook Page as this dedicated dad occasionally closes for the day to attend his little girl’s school events or to enjoy a family day trip.

Former local resident and regular customer Steve says

The simple salads that are far more delicious than any salad deserves to be and Kasaoka-san’s imaginatively inspired pizzas create a whole new category of the traditional Italian staple. Before the intoxicating scent of your order even takes to the air, you’ll already be discussing a day and time to meet up at Tōrimichi Cafe again. This little place, hidden in plain sight, on the side of a charming country road that winds through the beautiful mountains of inaka Shimane, will have you wondering how something so great could remain such a big secret. From simple salads that are far more delicious than any salad deserves to be, to imaginatively inspired pizzas that create a whole new category of the traditional Italian staple, Torimichi’s simple but unique menu will insure that you are tempted to try something new every time. Want something not listed? No problem! Just ask, and 00-san will head off to the kitchen and whip it up with his own style and flair!

Smoking is allowed in the restaurant, but it is confined to a corner next to an air cleaner.

Opening hours: 11:00-15:00, 17:00-23:00
Closed: Sundays and irregular holidays

Address: 1362-5 Ibara, Onan-cho, Ochi-gun Shimane-ken 〒696-0101
Address in Japanese: 〒696-0101 島根県邑智郡邑南町井原1362-5

Tel: 0855-95-0927
Facebook Page

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