Ski buses to Mizuho

The “Snow Express” whisks you to and from the Mizuho Highland snow resort so you don’t have to stress about winter driving.

Buses to run daily between central Hiroshima and the Mizuho Highland snow resort daily (unless Mizuho is closed for the day) from December 23 to March 11. The “Snow Liner” which runs on weekdays and the “Snow Express” which runs on weekends and holidays have different schedules, so please check below.

Unfortunately, passengers are required to book their seats 3 days in advance. Prices which lift passes depend on the day. As a guide, adults prices range from ¥6300 on weekday s in January and go up to ¥7600 on weekend and holidays in January and March. Discounted ski/board and clothing rental is also available if you bundle it with your bus ticket – a full set is ¥2000 on weekdays and ¥2500 on a weekend for adults.

Bus ticket prices without lift passes are shown below. 

Snow Express (Weekends, National Holidays,  Jan 1 & 2)

Hiroshima to Mizuho Highland

Hiroshima Shinkansen Station 07:35
Hiroshima Bus Center 07:50
Hiroshima Port 08:25
Mizuho Highland 09:50

Mizuho Highland to Hiroshima

Mizuho Highland 17:00
Hiroshima Bus Center 18:15
Hiroshima Shinkansen Station 18:30
Hiroshima Port 19:00

Snow Liner (Weekdays)

Hiroshima to Mizuho Highland

Hiroshima Shinkansen Station 08:55
Hiroshima Bus Center 09:10
Furuichi Astram Line Stop 09:30
Mizuho Highland 10:35

Mizuho Highland to Hiroshima

Mizuho Highland 17:00
Furuichi Astram Line Stop 18:05
Hiroshima Bus Center 18:25
Hiroshima Shinkansen Station 18:45


Online booking (by email form) is available here for the Liner and here for the Express for those who not intimidated by small Japanese text. Alternatively, you can call 082-207-0001 09:00-18:00. Once you have made you reservation you can pay at a convenience store, as they don’t seem to have heard about credit cards. Make sure you take your receipt when you go to get on the bus.

Download the English language pamphlet.


Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of and loves running in the mountains.