Shin Hakushima Station Opening Day

Local train spotters had a chance to compete compadres up north excited about the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen extension to Kanazawa, with their own red letter rail day on Saturday. A year later than originally planned the, not quite complete, Shin Hakushima JR and Astram Line stations opened on Saturday, March 14. Hundreds of people couldn’t resist the Astram Line station’s shiny white newness, and the debut of JR West’s 227 Series Red Wing trains made it a day to remember for local train geeks.

Workers welcome the first train through the station, “Sorry for keeping you waiting, Shin Hakushima Station now open!”


While a line line of people wait to get a look at the new station.


Opening ceremony


The first 227 series “Red Wing”


Souvenir goods – commemorative platform tickets


Commemorative stamps


The full set!




Typically nice perspectives from @t_kaze


How does it compare with the artist’s impression?


And I though the design was based on the cenotaph in Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park…


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