Covid-19: School and college cases in Hiroshima City

July 22, 2020

7 more cases of Covid-19 were announced in Hiroshima Prefecture yesterday, July 21. 4 in Hiroshima City, 2 in Fukuyama City and 1 Fuchu City. A prison inmate has also tested positive for the second time.

Total number of Covid-19 cases in Chugoku Region as of July 21, 2020
Hiroshima Yamaguchi Okayama Shimane Tottori
216 cases 41 cases 43 cases 25 cases 5 cases
180 discharged 36 discharged 30 discharged 24 discharged 4 discharged
3 deaths        

Hiroshima public school student tests positive for Covid-19

In Hiroshima City, one of the cases is a student at public school student. The school not been named, but will be closed while it is disinfected July 22-24. Another is a classmate of the Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen Student who tested positive on July 19. Another 30 classmates are currently being tested.

A self-employed woman in her 40s with symptoms of pneumonia and another person who’s personal details have not been released have also tested positive for the virus in Hiroshima City.

In Fukuyama, two cases, including a self employed man in his 40s, were also announced yesterday. Fuchu City also announced a positive case yesterday.


Reinfection in Hiroshima detention center

An inmate at the detention center in Hiroshima Higashi police station who tested positive on July 7 was discharged from hospital and returned to the detention center on July 17 has tested positive once again. He developed a fever on July 18 and was tested and hospitalized on July 20. It is though that contact tracing is not necessary due to the anti-infection measures taken by the police officers involved.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun | Chugoku Shinbun


New Okayama nightlife case

In Okayama, a man in his 20s who works part-time at a restaurant in the city’s nightlife district has tested positive fo Covid-19, it was announced yesterday. The restaurant is similar to the wine-and-dine place at the center of a cluster of cases in the city, but not the same restaurant. Okayama City officials plan to test all his 16 coworkers.

Source: Sanyo News


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