Kōtsū Traffic Land and Oshiba Park

If you are looking for outdoor fun with the kids and a place to have a nice family picnic, Kōtsū Land is a good option. Located just outside of the city center in the area called Oshiba – which is near Yokogawa and Hakushima areas. As well as shady picnic spots, swings and stuff to climb on, there is a go-cart track on where kids can get a head start on their driving skills.

Kids aged 8 and up (listed as Grade 3 and up) can ride the go-cart course solo, but younger children can ride with an adult (18 or older) in a two-seater. The course is about a kilometer long and you are expected to follow traffic rules as you would on a real road. Pedestrians walking around the park should also follow the traffic signals, etc. The city government maintains this park as a public safety practice course and many school-kids are brought here on field trips to practice traffic safety.


Alongside the go-cart course, there are a few great picnic areas with grass, shady trees to sit under and a covered Pavillion at the far end of the park if you follow the path through the tunnel and up the stairs. There are also a few climbing frames, swings and other playground equipment for little ones to enjoy.

Riding the go-carts only costs ¥100 per lap in a single car or ¥200 per lap in a two-seater. You buy tickets at the vending machine and present it to the staff near the cars.

This traffic-land and park is right next to the Otagawa river. This riverside area is a  great loop for traffic-free activity such as walks, skating or a jog or cycle without having to worry about traffic. There is also a great cafe not far down the street and a good 24-hour supermarket (YOURS) Tsutaya DVD/games/CD rental shop.

Koutsu (traffic) land is located in the Nishi-ku area of Hiroshima city, not too far from the Ushita Astram (monorail) station. It would take around 15 minutes to walk across the bridge to the Kotsu land on the other side of the river from the Ushita Astram stop. Or get there by bus from the Yokogawa train station. Take the #1 buses heading to Kabe and other areas. This bus will pass by the Oshiba-machi bus stop in less than 10 minutes from departure, from here the park is located 250 meters to the east. There is free parking available for 30 cars at a time.


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