Verite Cold Pressed Juice

Delicious and healthy cold pressed juices in Tatemachi, just off the Hondori shopping arcade. [日本語]

Juicing and juice based detox regimes have become hugely popular in the United States over the past few years and the health trend has now made its way to Japan. Cold pressed juice, made with super high-pressure hydraulic presses that push fruits and vegetables through a fine mesh, has, with help of celebrity endorsements, become the gold standard when it comes to juicing.

Verite cold pressed juice line up, Hiroshima

Verite in the Naka-no-tana in the Tatemachi area of Hiroshima city center provides a place where busy people can boost their fruit and vegetable intake in a quick, easy, and tasty way. The small juice bar offers a range of 10 colorful cold pressed juices, each made with a blend of ingredients mixed to target a specific area of health.

verite cold pressed juice store front in hiroshima japan

The man behind Verite is Yuji Miyake, one of a growing number of salarymen who are shedding their suits to work the land. Miyake moved his family out of the city to apprentice under a local farmer, before setting up his own farm.

Verite is actually a side project run alongside his company Vege-style which grows mostly green, leafy vegetables for sale in Higashi-hiroshima. Despite growth in the number of farmer’s markets, it is still the case that vegetables have to look “just right” to sell. This meant that a good amount of his produce never made it to market and, as there is only so much compost he can use, most of this was going to waste. As a vegetable leaf with a few holes is just as nutritious as a “perfect” specimen on a supermarket shelf, he decided to turn this waste into juice.


Verite uses an imported Norwalk juicer to create its drinks while you wait. Although some of the fruits used have to be imported, Verite tries its best to use its own or locally sourced produce. Most of its leafy greens, including organic kale and wheatgrass, are grown in Shiwa, as is Vertite’s beetroot.

making organic wheatgrass juice at verite cold pressed juice in hiroshima japan

Customers can give their juices an extra boost with the addition of super foods like chia seeds and maca powder.

Although the health benefits claimed of cold pressed juices over 100% juices produced by other means have yet to proven scientifically, Verite’s juices most are certainly silky smooth and taste more like a treat than a health tonic. The ¥500 organic wheatgrass shots, served in a shot glass with a lemon slice, are a great way to start the day or to get a midday pick me up and they also serve hot drinks during the winter season.

Organic wheatgrass shots at Verite cold pressed juice in Hiroshima, Japan

Next time you are in Hiroshima city center, why not drop by and give Verite a shot? Just look for the juice shop with a robot outside!

Verite, the Hiroshima juice bar with a robot outside


Cold Pressed Juice Menu

Juices come in Small (250ml), Regular (400ml) and Bottled (400ml)

  • Detox Green (Detox)
    Komatsu-na, mizu-na, celery, kale, ginger & parsley ¥810, ¥1,220, ¥1,300
  • Deep Cleanse Green (Vitamin)
    Komatsu-na, mizu-na, celer, kale, grapefruit, pineapple, & parsley ¥810, ¥1,220, ¥1,300
  • Green Salad (Beauty)
    Komatsu-na, mizu-na, apple and yuzu ¥540, ¥810, ¥890
  • Light Green (Supply)
    Komatsu-na, mizu-na, celery, paprika, apple & yuzu ¥710, ¥1,060, ¥1,140
  • Cheerful Yellow (Diet)
    Daikon, hakusai, paprika, grapefruit & pineapple ¥870, ¥1,300, ¥1,380
  • Spicy Orange (Prevention)
    Carrot, paprika, ginger, apple, orange ¥810, ¥1,220, ¥1,300
  • Orange Sunshine (Maintenance)
    Carrot, apple & orange ¥540, ¥810, ¥890
  • Rich Red (Bloody)
    Beetroot, apple and yuzu ¥540, ¥810, ¥890
  • Red Power (Recovery)
    Komatsu-na, mizu-na, beetroot, ginger and yuzu ¥650, ¥980, ¥1,050
  • Actual White (Anti-aging)
    Almond milk, coconut palm sugar & rock salt ¥870, ¥1,300, ¥1,380

Verite also offers half day, one, two and three day cleansing programs by reservation.

Opening hours: 08:00-20:00 (08:00-19:00 Sundays & national holidays)
Closed First Wednesday of the month (unless it’s a national holiday)

Address: 1F 2-15 Hondori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken 730-0035
Tel: 082-242-5180

[email protected]