Hito to Ki Souvenir Shop

As with many souvenir shops in Japan, many of the items on display are local food products. As well as nicely packaged local sweets such as Miyajima’s famous Momiji-manju maple leaf-shaped cakes, you’ll find lots of lemon and oyster products.

It’s not all about the food, however. Hito to Ki also sells a nice variety of local craft products.

Hiroshima Orizuru Tower sells its own branded locally made wooden chopstick and chopstick rest sets, cutting boards and coasters and there is a whole range of orizuru origami peace crane themed products – earrings, pendants, jewelry and stationery products – some of which are made from some of the thousands of carefully folded birds sent to Hiroshima from around the world.

One uniquely Japanese gift that can put to good daily use are the colorful furoshiki bags; stylish and kind to the earth.

Miyajima is most famous (at least among Japanese visitors) for its wooden shamoji rice paddles and maple leaf-shaped cakes, but Miyajima suna-yaki pottery, embedded with small quantities of sacred sand collected from the precincts of Itsukushima Shrine, makes a lovely gift.

Dochu copper ware, expertly hammered to give it a distinctive decorative finish, is said to have originated in Hiroshima and has been handed down generation to generation since feudal times. You can pick up ornamental pieces featuring Miyajima’s maple leaves or the A-bomb Dome.

Those looking for a tipple to enjoy by the river or on the Shinkansen, can pick up a couple of very reasonably priced (under ¥200 each) ceramic sake cups and a mini bottle or two of local sake.

Kamotsuru Gold comes in distinctively shaped bottles, and this sake, which contains delicately gold leaf sakura petals, was the one enjoyed by Barack Obama on his final Japan trip as US president.

Craft gin is all the rage around the world, and Hiroshima is no exception. Pick up a beautifully-packed bottle of locally distilled award-winning Sakurao gin as a gift.

If the big bottles are a bit of a splurge, why not try one of the mini bottles?

Going back to food, we recommend trying these dried squid chips flavored with salty locally-grown lemon; believe us, they are very tasty, and go great with sake or beer.

These are just a few of the things on offer in Hito to Ki, so, whether you are visiting or looking for a little something to send home, it’s definitely worth popping in if passing by the Hiroshima Orizuru Tower.


Hito to Ki Souvenir Shop

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00

Address: Orizuru Tower 1F 1-2-1 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi 730-0051

Tel: 082-569-6803

URL: www.orizurutower.jp/en/