Halloween Trick or Treating at Hiroshima Castle

Families looking for kid-friendly Halloween fun in the early evening of October 31st, Halloween night this year (Monday) let’s meet-up near the Hiroshima castle fountain (near the city center side of the loop path) for some actual Halloween night trick-or-treating fun.

We will meet at 5:30pm and gather all the kids together and make sure all volunteers giving out candy have flashlights and positions in mind (please let me know if you would like to volunteer to either hand out candy or perform a trick). The kids will walk (small kids with guardians please) around the castle’s 1.5km run loop path which is partially lit and should be a good location for a car-free fun loop to walk around in costume on Halloween.

Trick-or-treating around the loop will run between 6-7pm – there will be places to collects treats as well as watch some tricks along the way. Kids please take a minute to enjoy the trick and donate some treats to the performers before moving on.

At 7pm we will gather again in the same spot (near the fountain) to take photos & thank everyone. Around 7:30 we will say our goodbyes as it’s a school night 🙂

  • Families please donate a bag of individually wrapped candies for the event for the volunteers to hand out.
  • Please come in costume & bring a flashlight for trick-or-treating safety.
  • Please get in touch if you (or an older kid in your family) would like to volunteer to perform tricks around the loop – we have 2 performers so far signed up (juggler & balloon animals,..)

We hope this will be a fun event for Japanese and international families in our Hiroshima community who love Halloween- look forward to seeing you there!


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