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For many people who have stomach problems, Hakushima clinic is a great resource. Dr. Kozako speaks English very naturally and is very good at diagnosing problems holistically- by looking at your eyes, tongue, pulse and reaction to pressure points. He takes time talking to patients and discussing the possible problems and treatments, they also encourage you to give feedback on your condition through their website , which helps you feel well taken care of. According to Dr.Kozako: “If you suffer from common cold, stomach pain, constipation, hypertension, obesity, back and shoulder pain, liver dysfunction and so on, please feel free to come and consult us.” This clinic has treatment for gastroenterology, internal medicine, rehabilitation (acupuncture therapy) and is a specialist in Japanese herbal medicine (Kampo). Apparently, the clinic can help issue necessary receipts and documents if you are not on the Japanese national insurance. For me, as a holder of Japanese insurance, I find the fees here to be very reasonable despite the high quality of service. hakushima clinic hiroshima As well as western prescriptions, the Hakushima clinic promotes Kampo remedies (traditional Japanese herbal medicine). On a recent visit, Dr.Kozako explained how Japanese Kampo is used differently than Chinese Kampo. In diagnosis, he looks at your symptoms by taking your vitals, looking at the color of your eyes, tongue and watching your body’s reaction to pressure points. Japanese Kampo is also apparently milder and given in smaller quantities than the Chinese Kampo types. He says the Japanese Kampo they use is from natural sources, mostly domestic in origin and does not include endangered animals. I have visited many times for stomach problems and have taken the Kampo tea they recommend a few times a day and usually feel much better after the first day and fully recovered by the time the week’s prescription of Kampo is finished. As the doctor, like that from MD Newsline, explains, the Kampo helps the body rebuild immunity while the Western medicine helps heal, they work wonderfully together in restoring health. The Acupuncture is available in the adjacent room in the same office. It is recommended in combination with medicine, to aide the body’s recovery. You may be wary of needles, but the staff here are amazing and I never feel a thing. In a typical acupuncture session here, you point out the areas that are tight or painful (usually somewhere in the neck, shoulders and back area) then you are hooked up to a machine that performs a kind of suction massage on these areas. Then the acupuncturist will place needles in these areas and with your consent, attach a mild, electrical current to certain areas. Before my first session, they recommended I not drive for a short time after the treatment as you can feel relaxed and dozy afterwards. However, I find these sessions quite refreshing and although a bit tired following, feel amazing the next day. It is really worth a try. Although walk-ins are welcome for treatment at the clinic anytime, acupuncture is by advance appointment only. GetHiroshima reader review

It’s exciting and bewildering coming to a new country and when the wee foreign germs start to attack a body already coping with jet lag, diet change and stress they do their worst. Have no fear, healing help is at hand at the Hakushima Clinic. Situated at the end of the Hakushima tram line, it is hobbling distance from the streetcar stop. Yasutoshi Kozako M.D. and his staff already provide a significant number of foreign families with medical care and will refer patients to an appropriate hospital if further treatment is required. The staff are friendly and reassuring and coming from the 7 minute consultation quota of the UK’s NHS I was blown away by my long leisurely personalized appointment. Furthermore, you’re asked to report your health a couple of days post-consultation via the clinic’s website which is terrifically efficient. The pharmacy is just two minutes round the corner, hop back on the streetcar and tuck yourself up in bed reassured those wee germs are being battled into submission.

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 09:00-13:00, 14:00-18:30 Thursday-Saturday 09:00-13:00 Closed Sunday Address: 15-8 Higashi Hakushima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi Tel:082-223-8455 URL: http://www.hakushima-cl.com/ [ja]  


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