Gion’s Aeon Mall

In the Asa-minami ku area, near Hiroshima’s university of Economics is the AEON chain mall in the area called Gion. Since this area is a popular residential suburb, there are many families with young children who frequent this mall. There is a water play area for toddlers in front, special fun art exhibits and other kid friendly events throughout the year, many children fashion clothing stores, 3 game centers, child friendly toilets, a pet store and other kid friendly facilities at this mall.

The AEON supermarket, bakery, florist, liquor shop, bicycle shop and drug store is on the 1st floor is open from 9am to 11pm everyday of the week. The AEON 2nd and 3rd floors are open from 9am to 10pm. Upstairs in the AEON section you will find home furnishings, appliances, childrens clothes and shoes, toys and games and stationery.

Main mall stores: open from 10am to 10pm: Pet City, Sports Authority, Montbell Outdoor gear, Asbee shoes, Claire’s Accessories, HushHush Ladies and girls fashion, Maozi hat shop, Right On casual wear, G.U casual wear (large sizes too), shoe stores, Yamaha music store (and lessons), a large book store and small attached CD and DVD store, Village Vanguard (import and wacky products), Photo store and photo studio (dress your kids up in available costumes and get a photo package), Softbank, DoCoMo, hair salon and 1,000 yen cut salon, Dentist, Massage and Reflexology salons, travel agent, home remodeling, luggage shop and more.

Food & Drink: Starbucks coffee, Baskin Robbins- 31 ice-cream, McDonalds, Green tea desserts, Golden Burns pub, Beard Papa Cream Puffs, Viking Buffet GuGu, Ringer Hut noodles, Yaki-niku BBQ, Gindako Takoyaki Octopus dumplings, Homemade Udon dishes, Hana-Akari Japanese dishes, Subway, Sushi Tengu Kuru-Kuru-Zushi (rotating sushi) and more.

Getting there: It takes less than 20 minutes to drive to the mall from the city center (look for Pink signs along the new Rt 54 -under the Astram monorail- and the old Rt 54 that heads from Yokogawa to Midori). Or, it is near Shimo-GionTrain station (on the Kabe line), it takes only a few minutes to walk to the mall from this station.

  • One of AEON’s new eco-malls, this Gion mall is partially powered by Solar
  • 2,400 (free) parking spaces around mall and on roof. Special parking areas for handicapped and pregnant drivers.
  • All non-smoking (smoking areas are enclosed rooms on certain floors)
  • Changing tables, children sized toilets, family toilets available
  • Restaurants on 1st floor, Food court on 3rd floor
  • Large supermarket (AEON) on first floor


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