Cleo Hair International

Run by successful entrepreneur, Kumi Lipman, Cleo international blends high quality hair service with a friendly staff and a fashionable environment. Every visit is a refreshing beauty break that makes you feel like a star- this salon offers much more than a conventional hair salon.

Cleo staff regularly do color and cut training abroad as they have an arrangement with salons in New York and sometimes work at international fashion shows, this is a place comfortable working with many different types of hair. They also offer unique services for all customers- like changing into a robe and slippers to get your hair worked on, which helps you feel more relaxed. The Pacela salon work stations also have a movable glass desk for customers to use to keep a drink and balance a magazine (or even a laptop) on while your hair is being done.

Although the owner is currently setting up a new salon in Hanoi, she has left Cleo in the very capable hands of her managers, and she often pops back over for  visits throughout the year.

Conveniently located in the center of Hiroshima, adjacent to the Rhiga Royal hotel and on the 5th floor of the high class department store, Pacela, Cleo is a fantastic full service hair salon. One of the most unique points of this Pacela salon is the two extra VIP rooms available (add 50% to the normal price of a cut). These rooms are very exclusive and offer full privacy. The rooms are equipped with DVD players, internet access and there is also extra oxygen that is pumped into the room to make you feel as healthy as you are beautiful.

The staff are all very good at what they do and are friendly but take the customer’s cue on how much or how little they want to talk. International fashion magazines are available to read and they offer you a robe to change into to enhance comfort. The shampoo station uses the European style upright wash basins which are more comfortable. Full service cut and treatments, color or perms take at least 3 hours and usually include shampoo, dry and style. You will be given a complimentary drink during for any services in addition to a haircut. The rates are competitive with other salons, a shampoo, cut, color, blow-dry and style will be around ¥12,000 yen.

Cleo hair international offers cuts, color, highlights and low-lights, hair extensions, curly perms, straight perms, treatments and party hair and make-up sets for their customers. Other beauty treatments available include head spa, eyebrow shaping, eyelash curling, kimono dressing and more. If you book your appointment over a week in advance, you will receive a discount.

There is another stylish branch of Cleo hair international in Hatchobori (on the 8th floor next to the Tokyo Star bank) which has a great view of the city. It is run by a young, handsome manager and his talented, young staff. They have the same great services and also feature organic, health focused shampoos and treatments. Tel: TEL: 082-962-4012  FAX: 082-962-4013. Cleo hair international’s original shop is in Funairi and has daycare for kids while moms get the salon treatment, is busy for kimono fittings, make-up and pictures for special events like coming of age day and has a very loyal customer base from their neighborhood.

Kumi Lipman is an important business leader in Hiroshima who often appears on television shows and hosts seminars for female university students on running a business as a woman or work-life-balance issues. She was very affected by the 3/11 disaster and went up to volunteer and donate beauty supplies to hairdressers in Tohoku trying to get back on their feet. She runs the Cleo business like a family and all of her staff are carefully chosen based on not only their skill as a hairdresser, but also because of their wonderful personality.

  • English speaking stylists
  • Pro stylist cuts *¥6,000
  • Junior stylists- *¥5,000 (healing shampoo + cut+ healing-minus ion- blow)
  • Color only from *¥5000 (color and cut, shampoo, blow-dry and style for *¥12,000+)
  • V.I.P services and advance booking discounts available
  • parking discount for Curedo/PACELA parking
  • Closed on Mondays, Open 10am-8pm Tuesday through Sunday

* prices are subject to change, please check the Cleo website for current prices and details

Tel: 0120-71-2470  Address: Hiroshima city, Naka-ku “Curedo” – Pacela Department Store 5F



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