Young Americans 2019 Workshops

If your kids love to sing and dance, and generally run around like crazy, then this event may be just right for your family!

Young Americans 10th Anniversary Special Workshop in Hiroshima  10th Anniversary Workshop in Hiroshima

Date: Friday, June 14th (5pm) to Sunday June 16th (8pm)


  • Friday: 5pm to 8pm
  • Saturday: 1:30pm to 8pm
  • Sunday: 10am to 8pm

Place: JMS Aster Plaza, Kako-machi 4-17, Naka-ku, Hiroshima

Participation fee:     ¥18,000 (includes T-shirt and 1 show ticket)

Workshop places available: 180 x elementary school students (age 6 to 12)

                                              70 x junior/senior high school students (Age 13 to 18)

                                              30 x over 18 (aged 18 to 99+!)

Contact: Jackie Ikegami 09078909464 [email protected]

The Young Americans have been touring all over Japan with their popular 3-day signature music outreach workshop since 2006. Their first ever workshop in Hiroshima was held in September 2010 as part of the Hiroshima Junior Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary celebrations. Since then the Young Americans workshop has become a much looked forward to the annual event and this summer will be the 10th time that a YA cast visits Hiroshima. Around 40 “Young Americans” will take to the stage of Aster Plaza alongside 250 local Hiroshima kids between the ages of 6 and 18 to create a 2 hour non-stop musical extravaganza, including all genres from choral, gospel and jazz to swing, pop, hip hop and more, with all the moves to match over the 3 days of an action-packed workshop.

As this will be our 10th-anniversary workshop, we hope to have a few special elements to add to the fun. Since the first workshop, parents have been almost as enthusiastic as their kids, often wishing they could take part in the fun as well. Well, this year their wish comes true as for the first time ever, we have created 30 spaces for adults in the workshop!

On the surface, this workshop is a performing arts experience. Participants report, however, that the long-lasting takeaways from this program also include increased self-confidence & ability to express their feelings, teamwork & collaboration skills, as well as learning to respect others who come from different backgrounds. This is a fabulous opportunity for local kids to experience the kind of event usually only available to people in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka.

Why not sign up as a family and see what happens?

You can find out more about the Young Americans here:

Their Japan tours are produced by Jibun Mirai Club, a Tokyo based NPO, and information about the Japan tours can be found on their website here (in Japanese)

To sign up in English, send an empty e-mail (no subject, no message) to [email protected] and follow the prompts in the reply you get.

If you prefer Japanese, send the empty e-mail to [email protected] instead!

For questions about Hiroshima workshop, contact Jackie Ikegami [email protected]

For questions about the sign-up and payment process, please contact Jibun Mirai Club [email protected]



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