My Daily Experience…

Remember last time when I said that I was going to stuff myself silly with food from my two favourite konbini [コンビニ] before switching to a diet of mostly Daily products?

Well, let me just say… I did do that, but Monday’s experience was enough to scar me for life. Thus, I didn’t go through with it to the extent that I believe I can accurately and adequately review Daily food in general.

I need to tell you the story.

I was walking along Chuo-dori to work, spotted Daily and remembered I needed to buy lunch from there instead of 7-Eleven. I thought I’d be safe and give the onigiri [おにぎり] riceballs a go because who can go wrong with a riceball?

Daily Yamazaki salmon onigiri riceball

One answer: Daily.

It was the rice; a strange, unfamiliar taste that I still can’t put my finger on. I kept eating it because I was hungry and had nothing else, but seriously, I won’t be eating another one. The salmon inside the riceball was fine, but damn… the rest…

I can report, however, that their salads are superb. I had a simple green salad with goma [ごま] sesame dressing and it was delicious. The salad had little bits of chopped up pumpkin and various sprouts, lettuce etc.

Daily Yamazaki salad

This particular Daily had a bakery attached so the bread is extra fresh. There are packaged sandwiches and other Daily bread products available, but hey, if it’s fresh, that’s where I head first.

Overall, if you’re sticking to products that are available at any konbini, it doesn’t matter if you buy them here, because it’s all the same. The other products though I think you need to be a little wary about. I’m not saying that all of the food is bad, I’m simply saying it wasn’t all to my taste. There is no doubt that its bread is number one, hence why other konbini have asked Yamazaki to provide them with slightly modified recipes for products such as melon/meron pan [メロンパン]. I think though, that Yamazaki might have been a little hasty in their decision to open a konbini chain. I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re really good at one thing, why not stick to jut that?

Next week… well I’m not making any promises as to who or what I’m reviewing. You will just have to wait and see!

Jade Brischke

Jade first visited Hiroshima with a group of her students from Australia and after falling in love with the city, vowed that one day she would return to live and work. It seems dreams really do come true! When she's not writing she's out and about with her camera, walking and exploring the streets or some may say, wandering aimlessly. She, however, doesn't believe any wandering is aimless. Jade blogs regularly at