Maids take over Fukuyama blood donor clinic

4 students from Anabuki College in Fukuyama moe-ed up the local blood donation clinic by turning it into a maid cafe for two days this week.

In an effort to boost donations at a time of year when they typically drop off, and to try and spark interest in donating blood among the young people, the students college’s Media Business Department came up with a plan to give the local donation clinic a bit of otaku cool, by turning it into a maid cafe.

After doing research in the maid cafes of Akihabara and spending a few days handing out flyers to get the word out,  they donned lacy aprons and welcomed blood donors as go-shujin-sama and o-jyou-sama today and yesterday.

©Chugoku ShinbunThey served drinks and snacks, making them extra tasty by casting spells over them, by chanting “moemoekyuu“.

According to Chugoku Shinbun, they had 50% more donors than usual on Monday, so I guess the maid magic had some effect.

Sources: Tabetainja and Chugoku Shinbun. Photo ©Chugoku Shinbun

Paul Walsh

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