Konbini Kapers is back

I know I said I wouldn’t do this, but I can’t help myself. I mean I could, but I don’t want to.

It’s like an addiction, an itch that needs to be scratched and I say, “Oh, this will be the last time I mention it…”

But it never is.

Yes, I’m talking about konbini[コンビニ].

When I told people I had decided to stop writing my konbini column earlier this year, they were genuinely disappointed. I was quite surprised. I hadn’t realised that there were other weirdos… I mean, people, out there who might be interested in the same thing I was, or perhaps want to know why I was interested in it so much. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would care. Not so.

All that aside, I scrapped it because I felt I needed a break from it. It’s been almost nine months. Some days I still find myself exclaiming out loud (usually to myself) about a new product that’s been released or taking a photo, remembering later that my column is no more. I mean, I know it was my idea to end it, but… Some days are better than others. God, it sounds like a break-up.

I guess in a way it was a break-up. I didn’t go cold turkey though like I should have. I kept in touch.

I seriously thought it was out of my system, but you know what? It’s not. It’s still there, smouldering, waiting, watching and ready to leap out again if I let it. I know I’m the one in control here and I’m starting to realise that it’s NEVER, EVER going to go away because I don’t want it to. I am still in love with konbini.


I’ve admitted it.

And something else I need to admit if we’re going all out for confession time:

My love for konbini is for life. He is my life partner. No one else.

So, there’s only one thing to do. I need to accept it and… start again because…

Me and konbini are BACK TOGETHER! CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED BECAUSE I’M TYPING ALL THIS IN CAPITALS? ☺ It’s a shame you can’t see my face through the computer/iPhone (sorry Android users!) screen that you’re staring at right now reading this because I have a grin that’s bigger than the Cheshire Cat’s.

I am a konbini junkie, there is no doubt about it. Thank you, Goto Izumi for pointing this out and for creating this label just for me. I always knew there was something wrong with me, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. You defined it perfectly! I used to refer to myself as a konbini otaku (that’s speak for nerd), but it seems to have more negative connotations. I much prefer the alternative.

Now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest, let’s launch right back in!

For starters, I am addicted to these monthly magazines in 7-Eleven. I get them all the time. Basically, they’re a catalogue of products that 7-Eleven sells with the new items highlighted as well as a listing of the regular ones. Family Mart has one too, but I’m not so keen on theirs for some reason…

Konbini brochure

I browse them in the same way that women read fashion and beauty magazines. I circle products I like, I cut things out and at the moment I’m thinking of creating a shrine, I mean, wall of my favourite things. ☺ That’s a little obsessive, isn’t it? Ah well, it makes me seriously happy.

omuraisu-maki オムライス巻き
Omuraisu-maki [オムライス巻き]

And speaking of happy, look at this tasty morsel of happiness. A weiner is good by itself, but how to improve it? By wrapping it up in an omurice [オムライス] or rice filled omelette, blanket of comfort.

Oh, and since it’s Obon they have a lovely feature of ohagi [おはぎ] too. Yes, the mochi [もち] or pounded rice cake covered in the sweet red bean paste known as anko [餡こ]. I once told someone I lick and suck the anko off and throw the mochi away. He was horrified and said he likes the mochi but not the anko. We agreed that he would eat my slobber-covered remains. It suited us perfectly for a time. ☺

Summer Ohagi

Another new thing in this month’s catalogue is the three-meals-a-day feature. Yes, it now outlines examples of how to plan three meals a day from konbini. Now I’ve been telling people about this for some time. They laughed at me. Ha! Now who’s laughing hey?! I think konbini could seriously employ me for ideas. I’d be perfect.

As you can see, using breakfast as an example, it shows you the calorie intake, protein, carbohydrates, fats etc., as well as showing you what you need to buy in order to recreate that meal in the comfort of your very own kitchen. For me, the nutritional information (or whatever they’re now calling it) gives me the green light to eat konbini food as often as I like. I can now say, “See, it’s a balanced meal!” Yes, okay, I know it’s probably all an illusion and I’m being very naïve, but please, let me keep my head in the sand for a bit longer.

And speaking of balanced meals (or not, depending if you’re pro or against konbini as a source of daily food), they are now also featuring dieticians who create a series of daily meals which are outlined in a weekly planner.

Daily konbini diet

Some of them look good, others have a distinct lack of rice and some of them at only 300kcal would leave me seriously hungry. Maybe that’s the point. I don’t know.

Anyway, Crispy’s C(K)onbini Capers is back and it just goes to show… you can take the girl out of konbini, but you can’t take the konbini out of the girl!

I really hope those of you who used to read my column will enjoy reading it again and I hope newbies will also give it a chance. Thank you in advance!

See you all again next week when I do some serious catching up with y’all!


Jade Brischke

Jade first visited Hiroshima with a group of her students from Australia and after falling in love with the city, vowed that one day she would return to live and work. It seems dreams really do come true! When she's not writing she's out and about with her camera, walking and exploring the streets or some may say, wandering aimlessly. She, however, doesn't believe any wandering is aimless. Jade blogs regularly at jackcrispy.com.