Introducing Takano Miyuki

takanomiyuki (470x262)As if train geeks needed any more encouragement, Tokyo based toy company Tomy Tec has been producing a range of train and streetcar themed wide-eyed anime style caharcters which adorn a range of Testdou Musume products. So far, almost 90 characters have been created and turned into figurines and the company offers a wide range of products featuring the characters.

Local transport company Hiroden Dentestu, which is currently celebrating its centenary, is represented by Takano Miyuki [鷹野みゆき], who’s name is made by cleverly combinating of the Takanobashi and Miyukibashi stops on its streetcar network.

Today (January 11, 2013), 1000 limited edition stamp, badge and ID card sets went on sale at Hiroden streetcar pass outlets – that’s at Hiroshima Station, Nishi-hiroshima Station and at the Hiroden Honsha station.



The sets are ¥600 each. Get them while they are hot!

In true Dojinshi style, Ms Takano can be found in a variety of states of dress and, ahem, otherwise via Google image search.


Paul Walsh

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