GH Family Halloween Picnic


It wasn’t looking good. The weather forecast said it was going to be a morning of thunderstorms, but it changed at the last minute and we had the most perfect weather for our event this year.

20 families came out to the Ushita Big Wave to enjoy a day of games, quizzes, crafts and to share some great homemade foods and lots and lots of candy, cakes, cookies and other lovely sugary treats.

A big thank you to all the people who came out despite busy schedules and who brought such wonderful foods. All of the donations on the day helped raise ¥28,000 for the international kids charity, UNICEF.

If you missed it this year, please join us next year! It is a great event for kids in our international community to make new friends and have fun together.

(Details can be found on gethiroshima/Events )

Big Thank you to this year’s sponsors

  • Thank you for setting up and running the great crafts table- Chris and Suzana at PIIC English language school:
  • Big thanks for running a challenging and fun trivia game – Mark Exton (principal of Hiroshima International School):
  • For the great Halloween candies and snacks donation (for the trick-or-treating): Costco and IKEA delivery in Japan online store: Yoyo Market
  • The huge, decorated cake for our event was so delicious & donated by Costco and Personal Import delivery across Japan: the flying pig:
  • The beautiful gift basket of yummy American goodies was donated by the Foreign Buyers’ Club– use their online store to get goods from the US that can’t be shipped to Japan or choose from the great variety of goods they offer on their website.
  • An outstanding selection of healthy, organic goodies was donated from the great people who run the Alishan Organic Center & Tengu Natural Foods– organic, vegetarian and vegan foods shipped quickly to anywhere in Japan.
  • The tables loan and gift certificate for bilingual monkeys English website & materials was thanks to Adam of bilingual kids : ideas and inspiration for raising bilingual kids. He also passed on postcards for the annual Art Party charity event (December 14th at the Aster Plaza)- view beautiful, tragic and truly inspirational art from children around the world who are living in war-torn countries.

~ Last but not least- a big thank you to all the parents who stayed after the event and helped us clean up & take home some of the trash- it was such a big help!


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