Dirty organizer writes about the police raid on Cover

no dancingYesterday we posted a first hand report on Saturday’s police raid on the Dirty club event, and there have been several comments on the issue here.

Mike Waugh, the organizer of the event has been kind enough to send us a more detailed account of events along with his feelings about the raid. You can read it here.

It appears that unlike in the Barco case, that the police didn’t feel the need to have a licensing violation as a pretext to run the checks, but that the purpose of the raid was the ID checks themselves. Make sure you carry your ID when you are out and about, or as in the Barco case you may be escorted home and, rather than politely wait outside while you get your ID they may take advantage of the opportunity to search the premises.

Here is some advice from the website of the rights activist Arudou Debito/Dave Aldwinckle.

Paul Walsh

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