Autumn Colors Around Hiroshima 2010

Here are some wonderful photo slideshows of Hiroshima and Japan’s beautiful autumn colors. This year, it looks like the colors started coming out at the beginning of November and will last until the middle of the month.

Kamoda (Nathan Duckworth) is a very talented local Hiroshima photographer- this is a great series all featuring the famous Momiji maple leaf. See more of his photos on his Photoblog.

紅葉 Momiji


DigitalMono‘s Autumn – 紅葉 set is so romantic and whimsical, making us want to be invited to see the world from her amazing perspective.

Flogently‘s album shows us more than trees, here we see many beautiful images of Hiroshima in Fall from many different angles and perspectives during the pre-winter months.


Rebechan‘s Mitaki Temple in autumn slideshow captures the peaceful nature of the area as well as the character of the many interesting Jizo statues surrounded by fall colors.

Often playing on the very essence of light, Kimshi‘s autumn album from Hiroshima shows us both the light and heavy nature of the city.


GetHiroshima‘s humble autumn leaves collection, including Peace Pagoda (Busharido) near the station and Miyajima among other locations


Paul Walsh

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