Watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Hiroshima

2014 FIFA World CupThe time difference between host nation Brazil and Japan, isn’t particularly conducive to watching the World Cup here, but die hard fans should be able to find some live matches and (many more) repeats on screens around Hiroshima. Scroll down to skip to dates and screenings.

It shouldn’t be too hard to track down places showing Japan matches, and, if the national team does well, there may even be some outdoor public screenings scheduled – Wald 11 cinema at Aeon Mall Fuchu, as well as several sports bars and restaurants, have already announced that they are screening Japan’s preliminary games. As Sanfrecce Hiroshima midfielder Toshihiro Aoyama was called up to the national squad local interest is likely to be even higher than usual and we can expect additional screenings. You can find all the matches on this FIFA page which has a handy timezone switcher, but here are Japan’s scheduled games in the preliminary group stage.

  • Japan vs Côte d’Ivoire June 15, 10:00 kick off (JST)
  • Japan vs Greece June 20, 07:00 kick off (JST)
  • Japan vs Columbia June 25, 05:00 kick off (JST)

For matches in which Japan is not involved Nochi at A.M. has a biggish screen and is bringing in a new TV to show many of the games that start at 1am, 4am and 5am live. Kemby’s is showing a few of the 1am games during the preliminary rounds. Molly Malone’s will be showing mostly recorded games the following evening at 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 and say that they be posting details on their Facebook PageLa Luna tell us that they will be screening live matches every day (night).

Below is a list of the public screenings in Hiroshima that we have confirmed

June 13

  • Brazil vs Croatia at A.M. 05:00 kick off (JST)

June 14

  • Mexico vs Cameroon at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Spain vs Holland at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST)

June 15

  • The Shack open from 09:00 for Japan vs Côte d’Ivoire
  • Molly Malone’s open from 09:00 for Japan vs Côte d’Ivoire
  • Kemby’s open 09:00-12:oo  for Japan vs Côte d’Ivoire
  • Japan vs Côte d’Ivoire at Wald 11 Cinema 10:00 kick off (JST) ¥2000
  • Japan vs Côte d’Ivoire at Cafe Cheers in Yokogawa 10:00 kick off (JST)

June 16

  • Switzerland vs Ecuador at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • France vs Honduras at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST) – if people around to watch

June 17

  • Germany vs Portugal at Comon (小紋) German restaurant 01:00 kick off. More details here.

June 18

  • Belgium vs Algeria at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Brazil vs Mexico at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST)

June 19

  • Australia vs Holland at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Australia vs Holland at Kemby’s 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Spain vs Chile at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST)

June 20

  • Columbia vs  Côte d’Ivoire at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Uruguay vs England at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST)
  • Japan vs Greece at A.M. 07:00 kick off (JST) –  if people around to watch
  • Japan vs Greece at Wald 11 Cinema 07:00 kick off (JST) ¥2000
  • Japan vs Greece at Cafe Cheers in Yokogawa 07:00 kick off (JST)

June 21

  • Italy vs Costa Rica at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Switzerland vs France at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST)

June 22

  • Argentina vs Iran at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Germany vs Ghana at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST)

June 23

  • Belgium vs Russia at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • South Korea vs Algeria at A.M. 04:00 kick off (JST) – if people around to watch

June 24

  • Australia vs Spain at Kemby’s 01:00 kick off (JST)

June 25

  • Costa Rica vs England at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Costa Rica vs England at Kemby’s 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Costa Rica vs England at Molly Malone’s 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Japan vs Colombia at A.M. 05:00 kick off (JST)
  • Japan vs Colombia at Cafe Cheers in Yokogawa 10:00 kick off (JST)
  • Japan vs Colombia at Wald 11 Cinema 05:00 kick off (JST) ¥2000

June 26

  • Nigeria vs Argentina at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • Ecuador vs France at A.M. 05:00 kick off (JST)

June 27

  • USA vs Germany at A.M. 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • USA vs Germany at Kemby’s 01:00 kick off (JST)
  • South Korea vs Belgium at A.M. 05:00 kick off (JST)


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