The 1st World Igloo Building Championships

The inaugural World Igloo Building Championships took place in unseasonably warm and sunny conditions last weekend at the Osorakan ski area in Aki Ota. The warm weather made for hard work, but the 40 teams that took part, which included a good number of teams made up of international residents, really got into the spirit of the event and there was a great atmosphere.

There were two divisions; a speed and creative. Thanks to an inspired and unique design by Mendel Jonkers and the hard work of the team, GetHiroshima took 2nd place in creative division.


We were told that in good conditions the cutting of blocks from the snow is relatively easy. Due to the recent series of warm days followed by freezing nights, however, teams found themselves dealing more with ice than snow. It proved to a very hard day’s work with barely a pause for breath (or chance to check out all the other great igloos being constructed and chat with the enthusiastic teams that were building them), but it was very rewarding, and slightly masochistic fun.

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Check the Team GetHiroshima teamwork at 0:15!

Selection of video and photos in Japanese


Paul Walsh

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