Osaka Monaurail Still Bringing Back The Funk

If you are a fan of the late 60’s/early 70’s sound of James Brown and the JBs you really should get yourself down to Yokogawa Cinema to see Osaka Monaurail on Saturday night.

Osaka Monaurail played at Yokogawa Cinema back in 2000, playing a live show after a screening of blaxploitation classic Coffy starring Pam Grier. We were there and, I have to say, it is still one the best shows I’ve seen here in Hiroshima, or anywhere else for that matter.

I am a fan of the JBs sound and Osaka Monaurail really nail not only the sound, but the energy too. Frontman Ryo Nakata does an amazing job vocally and at keeping the crowd hopping. They also totally look the part.

Osaka Monaurail are now in their 20th year of keeping the funk alive in Japan, and from recent reviews, it sounds like they haven’t lost their intensity. They are currently promoting their latest album State Of The World which gets a good write up here.

The band are highly rated, not only in Japan, but also overseas. And, if you have any doubts as to how “authentic” their sound is, they performed backing band duties for none other than original funky diva Marva Whitney on her 2007 album I Am What I Am.


Osaka Monaurail play at Yokogawa Cinema on Saturday, June 9. More details here.

Paul Walsh

Paul arrived in Hiroshima "for a few months" back in 1996. He is the co-founder of and loves running in the mountains.