Limited Art Showing at Shamijima

A 2 hours drive away from Hiroshima is the island of Shamijima, just across the impressive Seto Ohashi bridge that connects the islands of Honshu and Shikoku. Until May 26th, this interesting destination has beautiful art on display as a part of the Setouchi Triennale Art Festival.

There are a lot of permanent attractions at Shamijima from museums to grassy parks and a rotating tower to take up for an impressive area view. Until the 26th, however, you can have the added benefit of seeing the artwork by Yasuaki Igarashi called “Knitting the Sky” (Sora Ami) for free.

This artwork is 60 meters long and the result of a fishnet weaving workshop held in local communities across the nearby island villages. Viewing the natural landscape through the lens of the colorful fishnet reframes the view adding more interest and interesting color play as the breeze and waves interact with the netting.

This Shamijima facility has water fountains to fill up water bottles freely, ticket office to buy day passes or year passes for the Setouchi Triennale Art Festival (until 5/26/2019 at this location), museums, gardens, parks, and free parking.

If you can’t get to Shamijima by the 26th of May, it is still worth a visit to this area if you are looking for an interesting daytrip from Hiroshima. The area is very family friendly, offers a lot of shady areas to relax and has interesting artwork on display and amazing views of the bridge, boats, and sea any time of the year. The permanent artwork such as the grassy hill “Stratums” above is also freely available to be enjoyed throughout the year.


Hiroshima’s Inbound Ambassador was very impressed by Shamijima




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